vendredi 26 août 2011

Applique murale industrielle USA original O.C. White

Vendu / Sold
Lampe murale industrielle ajustable original OC White
Vintage O.C. White industrial wall mounted light refurbished

Fixation murale en fonte diamètre 8 cm, bras mural : 31 cm, bras mobile + réflecteur : 130 cm
Réflecteur acier patiné Hubbell diamètre 17 cm, douille laiton interrupteur  vintage Hubbell
Joint & rotule pièce original USA gravés O.C. White. Ampoule E27 60w max. Cable textile noir torsadé 3 m
Vintage industrial O.C. White adjustable wall lamp
iron wall fixture diameter 8 cm, wall arm : 31 cm. Mobil arm + reflector : 130 cm
Hubbell steel reflector 17 cm diameter. Vintage switch brass socket Hubbell. Bulb E27 60w max. Wire twisted black 3 meter

Plan en coupe de la pièce principale OC WHITE. Cette pièce, en fonte d’aluminium,
 permet  une manipulation sans limite du bras principal 

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Anonyme a dit…

The lamp arrived yesterday. I LOVE IT! It's gorgeous and will fit in perfectly in my place. I plan to mount it on a table/desk--the top is made from 130 years old reclaimed Hemlock. The next task of course is figuring out how and where to place it before I drill the holes. Also THANK YOU for the special Wo & We metal tag!!! It's so nice to be able to refer to your work to my friends--especially those who know your website! I am so proud to own something from your collection.